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All Stars

Wednesday 17th May 2017

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being in the London Function Band, The Full House also happens to be our USP. Since the bands conception we have specialised in mashing songs together much like a DJ would. Perhaps singing one song over the music of another to link the two, or just quickly tipping our hat to a chorus we love before moving on again quickly. The idea was to keep our short attention spans satisfied and to keep things fresh. 

This was something we felt strongly about having played with and experienced the way most other function bands recycle the same old set lists in the same old ways, which often results in a tired, copycat set.

Being able to just dip our toes into a new song whilst playing a classic hit instantly put smiles on our faces and, as it turned out, our audiences too! This especially goes down well for people who just can’t bear that awkward 30 seconds of silence between each song (“I want to keep on dancing!”) and for those ‘name the intro’ specialists that take such pride when they spot it before anyone else in the room.

Our set list, like a mood-swinging adolescent goes through many phases and trends, and after a couple of shows it’s time for a new hair cut or a shiny new pair of converse that we need to break in.  

Our last hair cut took the form of a Canadian boy that after a few years managed to turn all the haters into ‘Beliebers’ - even us cynical musicians, who now love to play his hit ‘Sorry’. The reggaeton beat is very hard for anyone to resist and lends itself beautifully to segue into Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’. Even the most stubborn Bieber ‘hater’ can’t refuse a little jig to this beauty. There’s something about this beat that causes 90% of our audiences to pout a little, swing their hips and move their arms and legs like somebody on the most enjoyable cross trainer you’ve ever seen! 

That was the flavour of last month. Our repertoire has decided to grow out of its Beiber locks and go back to the eighties donning a bright red leather jacket and throwing on some ray bans for good measure.

Our new medley is an 80’s special- ‘Masterblaster’ - Stevie Wonder, into ‘Beat It’ - Michael Jackson, and ending with ‘Easy Lover’- Phillip Bailey and Phil Collins. I don’t even need to justify these songs to you, they just happen to be turbo hits that are super fun to play and sing along to.  We’ll be breaking these ‘all stars’ in over the next few months, but we’ll let you know when it’s time for the next trim!

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