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So Who Are We?

Thursday 27th April 2017

You've seen the videos, read the testimonials, scoured our repertoire... none of that gives you much indication of what we're actually like, and the fact is, it's three strangers faces at your buffet and bar on your big day. So if you would be so kind, please allow me to introduce the band - Hello, we're The Full House, your fantastic London function band. Nice to meet you!

Starting at the back we have Yiannis. No, not Dennis, and not quite Jannis either but that's close enough and frankly, either will do. I'm sure neither James or I would object to me referring to him as the business brain of the band. Drummers have the sort of neanderthalic-alcoholic reputation that conjours images of half-crazed, academically challenged lunatics throwing TVs from hotel windows (thanks animal!). But this isn't the full story with Yiannis.

Sure he loves playing the drums, (you really have to to put the hours behind the kit that he does) but to understand the man, you have to understand his two other major passions in life; cooking and spreadsheets.

Wait, spreadsheets?!

Yup. I'm pretty sure the man's thought process' are a constant stream of excel equations, a world gridded in columns and rows. But hey, James and I are quite thankful for this because to run a business, well you need a lot of spreadsheets! And, oh boy, can he cook. Being half Greek, our band meetings and recording sessions often centre around Yiannis serving up platefuls of Mediterranean delights.

This leads me on to the 'medley-man', James. Surely some kind of mix master DJ in a previous life, our lead singer is a slave to keeping the dancefloor going. Always coming up with new ideas for mangling songs together in weird and wonderful ways like some kind of fusion chef, he's the man with his finger on the pulse.

And to stay so inspired and up to date he must listen to huge amounts of music I presume? Well, no. Actually.

Step into our dressing room at any given time and I would wager to you that one of the first things you'll hear is.. "So I was listening to this podcast the other day....". James will ALWAYS have a new podcast to suggest, whether it be science, psychology or mixed martial arts you can bet you'll have a little more knowledge after listening to one of his latest recommendations. James is also our resident funny-man, he always keeps the mood up on those long summer journeys with his impressions and storytelling.

And not being the narcissistic type, I will now hand over to James to write up a few words about myself;

Last but not least is Alex, or ‘Karbs’ as everyone he knows calls him. This isn't due to his love of pasta, it’s just the shortening of his full surname- I guess his friends aren’t quite the imaginative bunch they thought they were!

Similar to how the Bass guitar is the glue of every band, Karbs is the cement to all the clusters of friends he has. He always has something valid and interesting to contribute to any conversation, and seems to have his finger in every pie from cooking, music producing, blog writing, to learning languages and even getting his Fifa team to the premiership.

Unlike most of us who moan about our workload vs hours in a day, Alex puts those hours to good use with an inspiring work ethic, so all the pursuits I mentioned above aren’t just something he dabbles in, he’s actually really good at it, but his bass player nature means that he's never after the spotlight, instead he just gets on with it and let’s the others take it, going slightly unnoticed until someone says 'write a blog about each other'.

So what do the three of us have in common?

Well, obviously the love of music, and in particular keeping live music as fun as possible. We also have a bit of a ‘Hippy’ side to us and like to dream big and enjoy the occasional deep and meaningful on life and all of it’s wonders. However, our strongest tie is the love of taking the proverbial mick out of each other as frequently as possible. No one can step a foot out of line without being reminded for the duration of the wedding season, and having been a band for five years now we are pretty good at it! What else is there to do on our long van journeys to your beautiful wedding venues that just so happen to be scattered around the furthest corners of the country?!

So, there you have it. You now know a little about us. It’s your turn next, and we look forward to learning all about you on your big day.

To book The Full House to play at your wedding or event please get in contact on 0800 564 2240

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