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The eye of the storm...

Wednesday 27th September 2017

In Russia, it has traditionally been a 'Polonaise'. In Victorian England, one would have done a Quadrille. But to the French Aristocracy of the 17th century, it would only take a 'Minuet', to fall in love.

Have you guessed it yet?

Let me clarify things. I’m talking about the traditional opening of the ball, where guests of honour take to the floor before the rest of the attendees, to signify the start of the evening. Or as we commonly know it, the first dance.

Luckily, nobody is obliged to be au fait with ballroom dancing in this day and age to have one, in fact, anything goes. Believe us, we’ve seen it all, from choreographed large ensemble dance routines to all-guns-blazing-crowd-surfing-granny-rock-outs, there's not a lot that could surprise us anymore!

Some couples have had a special song in mind for years, and have day-dreamed and play-acted the whole thing out in a romantic fantasy. For others the first dance is a terror-inducing moment where, out of your comfort zone, you have to perform with the full attention of your friends and family, much like the dream in which you turn up at school having forgotten to put any trousers on.

The centre of attention is not a natural habitat for some, and the moment is to be ticked off and shunted aside as quickly as possible.

But consider this.

You stand with the priest at the altar, repeating words and actions they dictate.

Then you have a drinks reception, an inevitable moment to work your way through more 'hellos' and 'how-do-you-dos' than a speed-dating event, followed by dinner at the top table and even more talking, speeches and drinking.

These few minutes of your day might be your first opportunity to actually focus on each other and to soak it all in. Trust us, the word we hear more then any when asking couples how their day is going is ‘whirlwind’. These days fly by in an instant, so try to think of your first dance as a moment to be in the eye of the storm.

You can have a heartfelt ballad, a party anthem or a ballroom jig. You can have the band perform it or have your favourite recording played back. But either way, try to relax into it, you might not get another chance.


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